Satta Sukhsma Blend Incense – 15 Pack





Satta Sukhsma Blend Incense

Satta Sukhsma Blend Incense in 15 Pack. Crafted from a blend of natural and organic Himalayan barks, herbs, spices, seeds and saps, this Satta Sukhsma incense pack contains 15 individual sticks that boast an approximate 50 minute burn time each. Delivering a grounding and earthy scent to any home or living space, this all-natural incense is suitable for pairing with any ceramic burner.

Launching their first collection in 2014 and known for their Rastafarian cultural references, Satta is an open minded and free spirited brand founded by visionary mastermind Joe Lauder. Born out of Brixton, but now based in Barcelona, Satta’s simplified design style is one that celebrates the notion of livity across each and every seasonal collection.

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  • Pack of 15

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