Satta Sage Incense – Single Pack





Satta Sage Incense

Satta Sage Incense in Single Pack. Encouraging you to cleanse and rebalance your space using natural herbs, this single pack of Sage Incense has been bundled for easy burning through the ritual of ‘smudging’ which helps to clear unwanted energy and impurities around the home. Wild harvested in California, this sage is of high quality and should be safely extinguished once you have completed your own burning process.

Founded by Joe Lauder, a former garden designer and woodworker, Satta is known for its lifestyle goods for the mind and body which invite ritual and simplicity into our daily lives. Appreciative of high quality manufacture, materials and effortless cuts, Satta has developed its own unique aesthetic through the use of natural fibres and custom detailing that reflects inspiration from both nature and life spent in the city, drawing attention to the brand’s aim to embody simplicity, functionality and sustainability through all of their designs.

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  • Wildharvested Californian Sage

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