Satta Sage & Copal Incense – 6 Pack





Satta Sage & Copal Incense

Satta Sage & Copal Incense in 6 Pack. Bringing a rich and unique fragrance to any space, this Sage & Copal Incense pack includes 6 sticks of high quality resin sticks which will refresh your home whilst also helping to cleanse unwanted odors. Packaged within a paper box with custom Satta branding, each stick has a textural finish and can be easily lit with a match or lighter whilst being held in place by a ceramic incense holder.

Designed by Satta founder Joe Lauder and made in the USA to a high quality finish, these incense sticks have a fragrance that is both rich and smokey and uplifting thanks to the combination of natural ingredients renowned for their cleansing properties. Sage is known for relieving headaches and reducing inflammation whilst copal is said to assist in balancing the state of the mind in addition to pursuing the environment. With an appreciation for the natural world, Satta creates lifestyle goods for the mind and body that invite ritual into everyday.

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  • Pack of 6
  • Made in the USA

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