Satta Incense Holder – Type B





Satta Incense Holder

Satta Incense Holder in Type B. Designed to catch the fragments of burning incense fragrance sticks, this item has been hand made by Satta founder Joe Lauder and has a simple but effective shape. Capable of holding one incense stick at a time, the accentuated curved base of the design ensures no unwanted mess is caused when burning whilst the textural ceramic finish has a warm natural tone wash for an attractive look.

With a holistic and integral approach to design, Satta creates lifestyle goods for the mind and body which invite ritual and simplicity into our daily lives. Drawing inspiration from both nature and the city, Satta offers practical, meaningful goods that have been created with a focus on high quality manufacture, materials and effortless cuts. Appreciative of the natural world and the materials it provides us with, Satta focuses on small-scale production using sustainable materials for unique finishes that get better with age.

Product Details

  • Handmade by Joe Lauder
  • Ceramic

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