Satta Incense Holder – Type A





Satta Incense Holder

Satta Incense Holder in Type A. Made by hand by Satta founder Joe Lauder, this ceramic incense holder has been designed to hold a single fragrant incense stick whilst catching the burnt fragments below in a curved dish. Treated with a textural white finish with a unique character that differs between each holder, this design is simple but effective and is an essential for anyone who wants to bring fragrance to their space without causing unwanted mess.

Inviting ritual and simplicity into our daily lives with lifestyle goods designed for the mind and body, Satta is known for creating contemporary variations of traditional workwear staples as well as practical homewares and staple accessories boasting custom detailing made using natural materials. With an appreciation for high quality manufacture, materials and effortless cuts, Satta has a holistic approach to design and focuses on small-scale production with sustainability and an appreciation for nature at the core of the brand.

Product Details

  • Handmade by Joe Lauder
  • Ceramic

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