Satta Copal Incense – 6 Pack





Satta Copal Incense

Satta Copal Incense in 6 Pack. A scent said to reveal invisible energies that appear like rays of sunlight, this Satta Copal incense pack includes 6 hand rolled resin sticks that are designed to complement any living area or outdoor space. Used for clearing and clarifying the mind with a scent similar to frankincense with a light, citrus undertone, these premium incense sticks have a textured finish and can be easily lit and placed in a ceramic holder.

Satta is a Barcelona based lifestyle company that promotes simplistic rituals for daily life. Their home incense offering is 100% natural and can help to purify your surroundings and ease your mind. Founded by free spirited creative Joe Lauder, Satta’s open minded appeal and function focused collections celebrate simplicity, comfort and the natural wonders of life without compromising on everyday necessity.

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  • Pack of 6
  • 100% Natural

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