Bones STF V5 Patterns Sidecuts 99a Wheels – White – 53mm





Bones STF V5 Patterns Sidecuts 99a Wheels

Bones STF V5 Patterns Sidecuts 99a Wheels in White and 53mm. Crafted from 100% premium-grade urethane and styled to a custom shape for improved lock-in grinds thanks to its flatter front-edge, these flatspot-resistant wheels are well-suited to any pre-existing skate-style or hardware collection. With a hardness rating of 99A, a durability suited to all terrains, these off-white wheels are signed off with zig-zag patterned green sidewalls with printed ‘Bones’ branding.

An internationally recognised skateware brand known for creating some of the best hardware for skateboarding in the world, Santa-Barbara based Bones strikes the perfect balance between speed, strength and durability through their premium-grade commitment to the sport. Endorsed by the likes of Guy Mariano, Lance Mountain and Brian Anderson, Bones Bearings continues to pioneer the industry even after an impressive 37 years in the game.

Product Details

  • Set of 4
  • 53mm Diameter
  • 99A Durometer
  • Urethane

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