Bones STF V5 Annuals Sidecuts 103a Wheels – White – 55mm





Bones STF V5 Annuals Sidecuts 103a Wheels

With a narrow 32mm width and a broad 55m diameter, these STF V5 Annuals Sidecuts 103a Wheels from Bones boast the very best in quality, performance and tested durability. Structured in line with the brand’s iconic V5 shaping with their STF formula, these tread-surfaced wheels are best suited to street-specific skate styles whilst their roll-fast finish sets them aside from other mainstream designs. The exteriors are decorated with a blackened interior rim with skeletal decals and vibrant red ‘Bones 55 STF V5’ specification subscripture for a more statement finish.

Launched in 1983 from a desire to raise the standard of skate-specific hardware, Bones is a premium-quality brand that isn’t afraid to bring experimental styling into the mix. Famed for their butter smooth wheels and their easy-to-clean Swiss made bearings, the brand’s exceptional reputation has gained them a loyal and ever-expanding following that stretches far beyond their Santa Barbara roots.

Product Details

  • Set of 4
  • 55mm Diameter
  • 32mm Width
  • 103a Durometer
  • V5 Shape
  • Performance Urethane

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