Bones STF V4 Annuals Wides 103a Wheels – White – 54mm





Bones STF V4 Annuals Wides 103a Wheels

Seen here in a practical width of 34mm and an overall diameter of 54mm, these white STF V4 Annuals Wides 103a Wheels from Bones are styled with a treaded traction-led surface whilst their street-specific structuring makes them a go-to choice for any urbanised skater. Made from 100% durable urethane in line with the brand’s iconic STF formula and famed V4 shaping, these performance-focused wheels are signed off with statement black and red ‘V4’ branding across the exterior with neat, white-print ‘Bones STF 54’ subscripture.

Honouring a standard by which all other bearings are measured, Bones is a premium-quality hardware brand that never falters when it comes to precision-based performance and long-lasting durability. Established in 1983 by George Powell and backed by both professional and amateur skaters such as Ryan Shecklet, Alex Olson and Lance Mountain, Bones takes skate-specific hardware to a whole new level with their keen eye for detail, fast-paced velocity and undeniable structure.

Product Details

  • Set of 4
  • 54mm Diameter
  • 34mm Width
  • 103a Durometer
  • V4 Shape
  • Performance Urethane

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