Bones STF V3 Annuals Slims 103a Wheels – White – 54mm





Bones STF V3 Annuals Slims 103a Wheels

With a slimmer overall width of 30mm, these white STF V3 Annuals Slims 103a Wheels from Bones are styled with a treaded traction-focused wheel surface and a street-specific composure that’s set to provide smooth and abrasion-resistant boardfeel. Made from 100% durable urethane to the brand’s signature V3 structuring from its iconic STF formula, these superior quality wheels are decorated with sleek black-trimmed detailing across the natural curvatures of the design, whilst vivid red ‘V3’ branding and neat ‘Bones STF 54’ marks the designs specifications in style.

Known for housing some of the best hardware for skateboarding in the world, Bones is a brand that doesn’t fall short when it comes to exceptional quality and renowned boardfeel. Established in 1983 by George Powell and a desire to offer something more robust and experimental to the skate scene, Bones has swiftly become a go-to hardware brand for many like minded skaters, with their in-house crew, such as Brian Anderson, Lance Mountain and Guy Mariano carving the way.

Product Details

  • Set of 4
  • 54mm Diameter
  • 30mm Width
  • 103a Durometer
  • V3 Shape
  • Performance Urethane

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