Bones STF V2 Annuals Locks 103a Wheels – White – 53mm





Bones STF V2 Annuals Locks 103a Wheels

The biggest of the Bones STF V2 Annuals Locks 103a Wheels, these have arrived in a 53mm diameter to offer higher speeds with greater levels of control through the corners. Their smooth surface and narrow width (29mm) is best built for technical riding in parks, across ledges and rails while not wearing away thanks to their signature STF (Street Tech Formula). This formula has combined the best elements of previous urethane wheels into one offering the most durable yet, in-fact it ranks at around 103a in durometer which makes them the hardest around for more slides with less flat-spots. Design is kept simple with a white backdrop, contrasted by black and red detailing.

Bones are committed to making the highest quality hardware, an ethic they have maintained since the late eighties when they entered the bearing market for the first time. The majority of their bearings are Swiss-made, while wheels are hand-poured in their Californian factory.

Product Details

  • Set of 4
  • 53mm Diameter
  • 103A Durometer
  • Polyurethane

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