Bones STF V2 Annuals Locks 103a Wheels – White – 51mm





Bones STF V2 Annuals Locks 103a Wheels

The high-grade Bones STF V2 Annuals Locks 103a Wheels are built to last, boasting a 103a durometer rating which practically guarantees controlled powerslides at high speeds without an increased risk of flat spots. Their Street Tech Formula construction combines several elements of the best wheels into one, making them perfect for a versatile range of disciplines – although they really shine on ledges and rails through better locking into grinds. The 51mm diameter ensures quick acceleration, while their 28mm width allows for more responsive movements thereby making tricks easier to land. Finally a treaded surface ensures proper control and grip. The wheels keep it simple with a white backdrop, decorated with the V2 symbol in red above Bones branding.

Bones was established in the late eighties as part of George Powell’s hardware industry, providing fast moving bearings for a large gap in the market. Although their bearings were traditionally Swiss made, wheels are hand produced in their California factory under a meticulous process.

Product Details

  • Set of 4
  • 51mm Diameter
  • 103A Durometer
  • Polyurethane

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