Bones STF V1 Annuals 103a Wheels – White – 54mm





Bones STF V1 Annuals 103a Wheels

With a slightly broader diameter of 54mm, these white STF V1 Annuals 103a Wheels from Bones are crafted from 100% durable urethane and are well-suited to any street-specific skate style. Styled with a treaded wheel surface and a practical 32mm wheel width, these V1-shaped wheels stick to its original composure whilst their reputable long-lasting quality sets them aside from other mainstream counterparts. With a black and red ‘V1’ outer graphic and neat ‘Bones STF 54’ details, these wear and abrasion-resistant wheels stick to Bones’ ‘best for less’ motto.

Famed for their butter smooth wheels and their easy-to-clean bearings, Bones is a skater found and skater operated brand that isn’t afraid to shy away from premium quality and responsive boardfeel. With many like minded skaters commenting on the fast-paced velocity and remarkably long-lasting durability of their Swiss-made wheels, Bones has cemented themselves with a loyal following that stretches across all four corners of the world.

Product Details

  • Set of 4
  • 54mm Diameter
  • 32mm Width
  • 103a Durometer
  • V1 Shape
  • Performance Urethane

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