Bones 100’s #3 V5 Sidecuts Wheels – White – 55mm





Bones 100’s #3 V5 Sidecuts Wheels

Bones 100’s #13 V5 Sidecuts Wheels in White and 55mm. Styled with a hardness rating of 100A and with a custom shape designed to provide smoother lock-in grinds via its flatter front-edge, these 100% premium-grade urethane wheels are well-suited to any energetic skate style. Flatspot-resistant at a height of 55m and a width of 32mm, these go-to wheels are signed off with black and purple printed ‘Bones’ branding across the exterior-facing sidewalls for a colourful yet certified finish.

Born from a desire to provide skaters of all abilities with the high-quality bearings they deserved, Santa-Barbara based Bones is a performance-orientated brand with an international reputation to match. Famed for their REDS line and their ability to strike the perfect balance between speed, strength and durability, Bones Bearings continues to deliver even after 37 years in the game.

Product Details

  • Set of 4
  • 55mm Diameter
  • 100A Durometer
  • Urethane

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