Bones 100’s #3 V5 Sidecuts Wheels – White – 52mm





Bones 100’s #3 V5 Sidecuts Wheels

Bones 100’s #13 V5 Sidecuts Wheels in White and 52mm. Styled with a custom structure that’s designed to deliver a flatter front-edge for lock-in grinds, these 100% premium-grade urethane wheels are well-suited to any active skate-style. Flatspot-resistant with a 100A hardness rating that’s suited to all terrains, these 52mm tall wheels are signed off with black and red printed ‘Bones’ branded exterior sidewalls for a classic yet contemporary finish.

Famed for the REDS line and their reputed for designing some of the best hardware for skate in the world, Santa Barbara-based Bones is a performance-orientated brand led by George Powell. Harnessing premium-grade materials and delivering an impressive level of speed, strength and durability, Bones continues to conquer a corner of the contemporary skateware market that remains unchallenged since the brand’s fruition in 1983.

Product Details

  • Set of 4
  • 52mm Diameter
  • 100A Durometer
  • Urethane

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