Bones 100’s #13 V4 Wheels – White – 53mm





Bones 100’s #13 V4 Wheels

Bones 100’s #13 V4 Wheels in White and 53mm. Styled to a height of 53mm with a width of 34mm, these 100% premium-grade urethane wheels are designed to deliver a flatspot-resistant ride thanks to their improved and widened riding surface. With a 100A hardness rating for improved durability to suit any desired skate-style, these crisp-white wheels are signed off with pastel-blue ‘Bones’ branded sidewalls for a touch of added character.

Supported by the likes of Brian Anderson, Ryan Sheckler and Lance Mountain, Bones is a premium hardware brand that continues to deliver exceptional quality and performance when paired with any active skate-style. Founded in 1983 by George Powell, the brand’s honourable legacy continues to evolve as they pass through the changing seasons with ease.

Product Details

  • Set of 4
  • 53mm Diameter
  • 100A Durometer
  • Urethane

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