Alltimers Predator Cruiser Deck – 9.25″





Alltimers Predator Cruiser Deck

Alltimers Predator Cruiser Deck in 9.25”. Inspired by the hit 1987 film with its photo-illustrative detailing and its creative aesthetic, this classic-styled Alltimers cruiser deck is designed to bring a touch of playful pop-culture referencing character to any pre-existing hardware collection ahead of the changing seasons. Crafted from 100% durable 7-ply maple and styled to a traditional width of 9.25” for a nostalgic yet functional twist, this hard-wearing deck is signed off with a wood-stained topside and with a photo-montage printed underside featuring an array of notable cut-scene graphics and character prints from the iconic Sci-Fi film.

Born from a desire to curate something truly unique when it comes to skate-centric necessity, cocktail-culture enthusiasts Alltimers hosts a free-spirited sense of appeal that taps into the pop-culture references and an undying ode to throwback ‘80s aesthetics. Founded in 2013 by Green Diamond blog-series pioneer Rob Harris and good-friend Bryce Jones, NYC-based Alltimers is a creative and unrestrained skatewear brand that harbours no difficulty in tackling any challenge thrown its way.

Product Details

  • 7-Ply Maple
  • 9.25″ Wide
  • Printed Graphics
  • Stain Colour May Vary
  • Ships with Free Grip

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