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Alltimers Huge Nuggs Deck

Every drop Alltimers impresses us with their weird and wonderful decks, but this might be the best one yet.

The Huge Nugs deck is what it says, a deck that features Huge NuggsÉ 9 pieces of succulent chicken nuggets and a tomato ketchup dip, what more could you want?

On the topside, we see the classic Alltimers VIP Lounge logo printed in black above the bottom bolts, while above that ÒChicken Nuggets 9 Pieces” has also been printed as if it were a take away box.

The Alltimers deck is cut out to the shape of the nuggets and would be the perfect decorative piece.

Constructed from 7 Ply Canadian Maple and coming to you with a width of roughly 9″.

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