Alltimers Clean Up Will Deck – 8.25″





Alltimers Clean Up Will Deck

Alltimers Clean Up Will Deck in 8.5″. Arriving as the latest seasonal instalment for celebrated team-rider Will Marshall, this full-colour 100% 7-ply maple wood Alltimers deck delivers a playful spin as part of the brand’s four-piece ‘Clean Up’ series. Styled to a narrowed width of 8.25” with a wood-stained topside, this creative signature deck is signed off with a teal-toned underside complete with stacked cleaning-pad decals and custom ‘Alltimers’ and ‘Will’ commemorative branding.

Pairing their fun-loving persona with a passion for ‘90s pop-culture references, NYC’s Alltimers is an against-the-grain skatewear brand inspired by throwback sunset and cocktail culture and an endless appreciation for classic skate-centric styling. Having collaborated with adidas and Vans, Alltimers is a ‘do-it-yourself’ skatewear brand famed for its playful undertones and unrestrained character.

Product Details

  • 7-Ply Maple
  • 8.25″ Wide
  • Printed Graphics
  • Stain Colour May Vary
  • Ships with Free Grip

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