Ace AF1 33 Truck – Polished





Ace AF1 33 Truck

Ace AF1 33 Truck in Polished. Best suited to decks sized between 7.75” and 8.12”, this pure 7071 series aluminum Ace AF1 33 truck is styled to a height of 52mm and is designed to provide improved structural stability and resilience across any given skate style or chosen terrain. With a hanger width of 5.37”, an axle width of 8” and a polished low lustre finish, this heat treated Ace 33 truck features 3056 series steel axles for elevated everyday performance.

Coined the most technical truck ever made and styled with a refined baseplate, hand poured urethane pivot cups and strength at a molecular level, Joey Tershay’s Ace Trucks introduces its latest AF1 collection. Loyal to their ‘quality without compromise’ tagline and their passion for performance, the AF1 truck is a hardware essential designed with technical innovation at the forefront of its blueprint.

Single truck only, purchase two for a complete set.

Product Details

  • Perfect for 7.75″ – 8.12″ Deck Width
  • 8.0″ Axle Width
  • 5.37″ Hanger Width
  • 52mm Height
  • Polished
  • Pure 7071 Series Aluminium
  • Heat-treated 3056 Series Steel Axles

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