Able Brewing Aerobie AeroPress Disc – Fine





Able Brewing Aerobie AeroPress Disc

AeroPress disc made by Able Brewing for use with the Aerobie AeroPress. Essentially does away with paper filters which is ideal if you are using your AeroPress away from home as it takes away the need to carry paper filters around which can be a pain.

Also, being a metal disc it is reusable and allows more of the natural oils of the coffee through which can give a fuller taste, not dissimilar from french pressed coffee. This is the Fine version which lets through less fines leaving you with a sweet, clean brew with little to no fines at all. This disc is however thinner than the Standard disc and needs to be handled with care to ensure it doesn’t get bent.

Product Details

  • Fine Filter – Less Fines
  • Fits Aerobie Aeropress
  • Metal Disc
  • Reusable

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