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Texans over Seahawks. Look, I’m all about the Panthers and Dolphins as underdogs this week against Tampa Bay and Baltimore teams that look terrible.Williams Kasen Jerseys.But because I don’t think either of those would qualify as a major upset, I’m looking to Seattle, where Deshaun Watson & Co. are coming off a bye and face a team whose offense can’t seem to get going until the middle of the third quarter most weeks (if at all).There’s still something not right about Seattle, and the injuries on defense — yes, I know Houston has those too — could be enough for the Texans to squeak this out.Phil Kessel jerseys.

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Wholesale Jerseys.Bye weeks started around the NFL this week, but that hasn’t stopped the NFL from giving us plenty to talk about. The Panthers look unstoppable after another big win, this time against the Lions. The Jaguars’ defense destroyed the Steelers, just as Maurice Jones-Drew predicted. The late games were highlighted by another Packers-Cowboys classic, with Aaron Rodgers delivering the last-minute winning touchdown in Dallas.On Sunday night, the Chiefs stayed perfect with a 42-34 win over the Texans.Jerseys From China.Things were J.J. Watt injured his left knee and is now expected to miss the season, robbing us of seeing him in his prime.

Indianapolis Colts jerseys.NBA preseason is for the diehards. You don’t tune in to early-October games unless you’re a little obsessive. Stars sit out or play limited minutes, results don’t matter and there is a general lack of intensity. If you only start following the league when the regular season starts, you don’t miss that much.That said, in October of 2014 Ethan Sherwood Strauss, then of ESPN, correctly predicted the Golden State Warriors would win the NBA title based on what they had shown in the preseason.Cheap Jerseys From China.New coach Steve Kerr had completely revamped their offense, and they have essentially owned the league since then.

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